zaterdag 8 juni 2013

The power of a cappella

Dear vocal friends, 

a few weeks ago I went to Denmark with the 15 singers of Pitch Control. A trip we had been looking forward to a LOT! :-) From 16-20 may we had an amazing experience in Aarhus for the Aarhus Vocal Festival 2013. Interesting workshops, great concerts and we got selected to compete in the choir competition, with 5 other choirs. 

Since I went to the AAVF 2011 with VOÏSZ vocal projects, I already knew what a great trip our group was going to make. I told the singers the level would be really high, but I guess there's no way you can prepare your singers for concerts with the Real Group, Rajaton, Vocal Line, Voxnorth, and many other amazing groups and singers... Turns out we forgot to take our tissues, and that's definitally a good thing!

I'm not sure what it is that a cappella does, but it unites people. Not only within your own group, but also in general. The hugging starts when you enter the festival venue and everyone's talking about the great a cappella family we're in. To have a drink at the bar with your a cappella heroes, to sing beautiful pieces together with people you've never met before, it's all part of the a cappella culture we all love so much.

Pitch Control had a great first couple of days, and then on saturday night I sent them to bed in time, to prepare for our concerts on sunday. We had a foyer concert in the early afternoon, and I'm pretty sure it opened our eyes a little, because it was oké, but we all knew we had more to give in the late afternoon competition concert. We had an intensive warming up and last rehearsal. We ended with some hugging (why not do it the Danish way;-) and we got on stage to compete. 
I've been a conductor for about 8 years, but I've never felt such an intensive and common focus in a group! Every singer gave it all, and we had an amazing vibe together! This is what you hope will happen, as a conductor!

Sunday night the judges Jonathan Minkoff, Roger Treece, Malene Rigtrup and Ralf Schmitt announced Pitch Control as the winner! We couldn't believe it. We had a really good party that night and we got so much stronger as a group. And of course we are honoured we won the first price, but one thing stands out: we already won when we came off stage. We had such an amazing experience together, and felt so united!! It's the power of a cappella. 

I love my job. 

Hugs, hugs, hugs!