dinsdag 19 februari 2013

Pitch Control goes and goes!

Hi there,

just a little blog, I really have to learn how to keep writing these posts! Give me some time, I'll get there..

First of all, one of my vocal groups, Pitch Control, posted a recording on youtube. The comments have been quite overwhelming, it's been shared on social media all over Europe, and we're close to 2000 views, already! So thank you for that! In case you missed it, here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfMnZKRg5eM 

Then, last sunday, we heard we got selected for the Choir competition on Arhus Vocal Festival 2013, 17-20 may! We're sooooo much looking forward to performing at AAVF, and we're quite proud to be one of the six choirs from Europe that got in! So I guess there will be more posts and info on twitter and facebook the coming months. You can find both Pitch Control and me there as well!

Then last saturday we had a choir festival in the Netherlands, from Balk (the national choir organisation, www.balknet.nl), and Pitch Control got an invitation to be Top Act at the closing of the festival. So we went to Ulft, in the east of the netherlands, and did a small one hour show! We had the best time, the theater was really cool and I got to hang with my friend June Caravel who I met on the Real Festival in august as one of the single singers. So, I must say I'm proud that my group Pitch Control is doing so well! Hope to see you on one of our concerts soon.

With a lot of positive vibes:

All the best, Merel